Bishop and 1st Lady


Bishop Thomas Daniels has been the pastor of the Woodbury Miracle Fellowship Center, Inc (WMFC) since 1984.  He is the husband of Co-Pastor Bobbie Daniels and the father of two children, Letha Rivers (DeAndre – husband) and Jeffery B. Daniels (Michelle – wife). They have five grand sons (Jeffery B. Daniels II, Joshua Daniels, DeAndre Rivers II, Daniel Rivers, and Dillon Rivers). Co-Pastor Bobbie Daniels works beside him along with his children and their spouses.   Serving as the Senior Pastor of the Woodbury Miracle Fellowship Center Church Bishop Daniels is an excellent organizer and a great innovator. Bishop Thomas Daniels leads the WMFC Come Alive Ministry; which has several outreach ministries and Pastoral and Ministerial Staff that supports him in the ministry.  Under Bishop Daniels leadership WMFC has completed its first CD entitled “The Come Alive Experience.”


Bishop Daniels earned a B.S. in Business from Fort Valley State University. He has received many awards and believes that people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. He participates in many community, civic and school events in an effort to assist in building and strengthen the community. He has received recognitions from the Mayor, School Superintendent and Law Enforcement as he is highly respected in the community. He works diligently to improve the way of life for his members and citizens in the surrounding area.


Bishop Daniels is the visionary of the ministry “Lift-Up Ministry” which was developed to bring Pastors together for the purpose of strengthening, healing and providing an environment where Pastors come together, share and impart leadership knowledge one to another.  In addition the Lift–Up Ministry is a source of fellowship for the various churches; offering annual conferences where God’s people can dwell together in unity provoking growth and adding to the body of Christ.


As a native of Reynolds Georgia, he has a strong religious and family foundation. He has had a life full of challenges and experiences that has equipped him to lead this great church. As written in Isaiah 54, God has given Bishop Daniels a word in due season for his people. He teaches love, holiness, and the fear of the Lord. God has anointed him to preach a powerful word and many of God’s people are blessed through salvation, healing and deliverance.

Co-Pastor Bobbie Daniels is the wife of Bishop Thomas Daniels and the Co-Pastor of the Woodbury Miracle Fellowship Center Church in Woodbury, Ga. Born in Pike County, Georgia she is one of fifteen children. She received Jesus Christ in her life at an early age. Co-Pastor Daniels has been married to Bishop Thomas Daniels since 1974 and they have two children, Letha Rivers (DeAndre – husband), Jeffery B. Daniels (Michelle – wife) and five grand sons (Jeffery B. Daniels II, Joshua Daniels, DeAndre Rivers II, Daniel Rivers, and Dillon Rivers). Co-Pastor Daniels stands with her husband in the ministry as a strong woman of God.  She has been preaching the Word of God for since 1984. She preaches the Word of God with a message of hope, spiritual healing, and deliverance for mind, spirit, soul, and body.

She is the founder of the Women’s Department for Woodbury Miracle Fellowship Center which is a vehicle for her to continue to impart knowledge of daily practical living, as well as spiritual direction to the young and mature woman. She has a personal relationship with God and a dedicated prayer life. Her favorite scriptures is, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”. Co- Pastor Daniels is an anointed woman of God that loves her husband, her God and his people. She is a virtuous woman of God that has a compassionate heart for God’s people. She is a Woman of God who has a word for God’s people that comes from having a powerful prayer life.